How to create and verify PayPal in Pakistan 2019?

Though, literally it is not possible to create an account with Paypal in Pakistan. But following a few extra steps can easily make you to create and verify Paypal account in Pakistan. Well now a days it is though a bit tough but you can try following these steps and create account.
Create an Account with Paypal;
First of all you need to create an account with Paypal using United States as your country. You should use all the actual details except generating some fake address and telephone number. Later on you can change your mobile number using one of the virtual mobile number services. You can use any virtual mobile number services provider, but use your original name while creating your account.
Create Payoneer Account;
Here you should create a Payoneer Account using your original details and try to use the same email address as you have used in creating Paypal Account. Also make it sure you have used the original name on both Payoneer and Paypal Account. After creating Payoneer Account you will need to apply for Payoneer Master Card which usually arrives within 20-30 days depend upon your location in Pakistan.
Activate your Payoneer Account;
After you have received your Payoneer Card, you will need to activate the card. For this you will need about 25$ as an annual fee. You can load the card easily in Pakistan. But if you have some balance in Paypal then you can transfer that balance to your Payoneer Card using the next step.
Apply for Global Payment Services in Payoneer;
After you have successfully created account with Payoneer and received your Payoneer Master Card, you should now apply for Global Payment Services, which will allot you a virtual bank account number in United States. Please note that account number.
Link your Paypal Account with Bank in United States;
After successfully creating Global Payment Services, you will get a virtual bank account number located in one of the bank in United States. Use that account number in Paypal in Linking a bank account. This will verify your bank account in Paypal. You can now easily transfer your Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account. If you have not already loaded your Payoneer Card, an amount of 25$ will be deducted from your account which will activate your Payoneer Master Card for one year. You will have to pay this fee every year.
Link your Payoneer Debit Card with Paypal;
After successful linking a bank account, you should now link your Payoneer Master Card with Paypal. This will completely verify your Paypal Account and you can now use it without any problem.
How to withdraw funds from Paypal and Payoneer;
Now when you have both the account ready and active, it is very simple for you to withdraw funds from Paypal and Payoneer. You will have to transfer funds from your Paypal Account to Payoneer Account using the linked Bank Account. 1% fee is deducted here by Payoneer for the service. As soon as your funds are received to Payoneer you can then cash it via using your Master Card anywhere in Pakistan on selected branches. MCB, Bank Alfalah and Chartered Bank are considered to be at top. I personally like Bank Alfalah.
Note: Please don’t swipe your card if you don’t know you are having funds available. Also don’t use the paypal account to transfer funds using credit option or if you know you will get some balance. This will try to charge your basic bank account/master card to collect the funds and hence after rejection Paypal will remove that card and bank account from your account. Later on it will be almost impossible for you to list another one.
Still if you want to know something extra not listed above you can write it in the comment.

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