A complete Guide on Jobs in Facebook

Here in this article we will tell you about how to apply for a job which is posted on Facebook. We will also try to discuss all of those mistakes which are done by the applicants usually while they apply for a job on Facebook. We will also discuss about our own Job Posting on Facebook so that people could not find any problem.

Well, first of all I would like to clear that our Job Posting are just to inform the public about the current openings in different companies. A link in the description of the jobs is usually given which you should follow if you want to get details of the job. We do not offer any job. We just share Jobs Openings with People. Anyhow while getting too many applications for those jobs openings we have came via so many mistakes which generally people do while applying for jobs on Facebook that is why I have decided to write this article.

How to apply for Jobs on Facebook?
This is the very basic question which will be covered in this article. Before applying for any job on Facebook you should keep some important things in your mind. When you hit the apply button on any job on Facebook, Facebook generate a copy of application which we usually send like a CV and that is forwarded to the employer. You will be strange to know that this CV is made by Facebook from your own personal profile which includes all the information listed on your profile. That is why you should complete your profile before applying for any job. Lets discuss those points briefly here.

Use original name and DP on Facebook;
If you want to apply for any job posted on Facebook, you should keep these two things in your mind. You should have your original name on original pictures on your Facebook profile. Sometimes which I have seen people use fake names and fake display photos while using Facebook and Facebook send the same fake names and profile pictures to the employer in your application which is automatically rejected by the employer because of your irresponsible behavior to the job. Make it sure, name and profile picture play very important role to get attention of the employer this is the very first impact of your application on employer. So do not apply for any Job on Facebook if you are using fake names and fake profile pictures. Always apply with your original profile picture and original name for jobs on Facebook. Sometimes females always repeat the same mistake. I would like to ask them if you cannot disclose your original name and display picture to the employer you do not need to apply for job. This is the common rule for both males and females applying for jobs on Facebook.

Update your profile with proper qualification;
I have found in my research that about 99.99% applications received to the employer have no proper qualification listed in application which is the very basic things to be mentioned in any application and you will be strange to know that even your own profile isn’t having any proper educational history listed. So please go to your profile right now and update your educational history properly.On your profile go to About section, on left side open Work and Education, You will find both College and University section. I don’t know about your educational history so kindly click the proper and relevant tab and Add a College/High School or University. Kindly do fill all the relevant information properly. An example is here.

Similarly add all of the relevant certificates and degrees that you have. This will be updated on profile. If you do want to show it to public you can change the privacy of your educational background from public but for jobs you will have to update them so that the employer could get it properly.

Update your profile with proper work history;
Like the educational history, work history is very important for the employer to know about if you have applied for any job and again in this case I have found that more than 98% of profiles are having either incomplete or wrong entries in the work section. Therefore you’re requested to kindly visit the profile, about section, then work and educational history and update your work history. Click on Add a workplace and update all the relevant field properly. An example is here.

Well, I haven’t work as an Accountant with Yayvo, this is just for demonstration purpose so in Description you can write down your responsibilities. Similarly you can add all of the work experience that you have. Please do not consider any work experience as irrelevant. Every experience is worth counting. I hope you will have got an idea about how to update your work background on your profile.

Update your profile with proper Professional Skills;
In the same Work and Educational history you will find a tab of Professional Skills, add all of the relevant Professional Skills via that. There is no any complications in that section that is why i am not sharing screenshot.

Update your profile with proper Languages;
Kindly list all the spoken languages which you can either understand, speak or write on your profile.
These were the basics that you should complete before applying for any job on Facebook. I hope you will have got an idea if you still have any confusion you can ask in the comments section or you can write us on any of social media platform.

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