Why don't we Get Jobs in Pakistan?

Here in this article we will discuss a couple of reason behind why we don't get a job on Pakistan? While at the end of this article you will also come to know about How to get a good job in Pakistan? We continously remind you in our articles that We don't provide any jobs we can just inform you about the latest jobs in Pakistan. So please don't reach to reach us for getting a job. If you want to get the answers of;

  • Why don't I get a job in Pakistan? Or
  • How to get a good job in Pakistan?

Then you're requested to read this article further, otherwise skip the article, because we are not going to give you a job.

Someone is hired long ago;
I am pretty much sure you are one among those 99% candidates who doesn't apply for a job just because they think that the job is already filled by the nearest people and this job interview etc is just something fake. Believe me its not like that. Though you might be also one of those 1% who genuinely thinks so, and they might have faced something like that, but as I told you that you are just among those 1%, so please don't get dis-heart and try again for another job. If you are talented you will get your desired job.

Applying for wrong job;
I have seen that about more than 70% people don't get jobs just because they are not capable of that specific job. Let me share a recent incident which took place, while I was going to Islamabad recently I found a 19 years old guy in the bus who was setting next to me. Luckily after having a few sentences I knew his father so I asked him what is he going for to Islamabad? He said I have applied for some police post recently advertised by NTS and now I am going for test. I was shocked because he look like 5.2 feet in height. I asked him why he applied for the post while his height is much more short than usually I have found in job advertisement for police? His answer was; Kya pata qismat mai ho aur select ho jaun? Well, we should trust on luck but not that much, that we should start applying for wrong posts. Few days back I met his father and he told me that he was rejected due to his short height.
So you should read the job requirement clearly and if you are 100% qualified for the job, apply then. Otherwise you will also face the same results.

Experienced people are given preference;
Well this is true, that in every job advertised only experienced people are given preference, and more of us think that how to get experience without doing job? We are right that experience needs some jobs and without getting job how can we get experience?
So, here is my answer; All of us go through the gap between our exams and results which is sometime more than 3 to 5 months and this is the enough time to get some experience while doing internship. Every firm and institute use to offer internships for about 6 months. You can apply for internships either in your nearest banks, you can apply for some teaching jobs in your nearest private schools, you can apply to any firm for internships and believe me they love internees because they get same work in less pay or even without paying to their internees. But the important thing is that you get experience. If you are recently graduated or just attempted your final exams then find out some good firms and apply for internships right now. I am sure you will not only get a good experience but can get a good pay as well and later on you will not say that this job need experience.

Only political interference can give me a job;
Well, I don't want to argue on this too much because unfortunately this is the worst thing in our society and I accept this upto some extent, but I am telling you that merit has its own important and that cannot be challenged by any political interference. You should give it a try and will not be disappointed in couple of tries. Because each time any interference cannot challenge your merits. So forget about this and apply to your desired job if you think you are 100% qualified for that.

Less knowledge about Testing Materials;
Many people among us don't even know what they will be examined in test while going for test or interview for any specific jobs. So please keep yourself updated for the relevant testing websites regarding the study material in which you will be examined. So get that prepare and only then leave for your tests.

I might have forgotten something; which I will add to this article later. But if you have any suggestion or feedback regarding this you can leave that in the comments section below.

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