How to become Tax Filer in Pakistan?

Well, there are a couple of ways to submit Income Tax Returns in Pakistan, but here we will discuss the most common two methods. One of them is totally free and will cost you nothing while the other might cost you some money. Before discussing both of these you might be interested in reading; Why should you Submit Tax Returns in Pakistan?
  • Self and Free:
This method is totally free of cost and will take a few of your hours. If you are good in computer and having some basic knowledge of taxation you can use this method, elsewhere skip to the second method. As you don’t know about the basics of taxation so I will not suggest this method for everyone.
Here in this method you will need to register an online account with FBR via IRS system. When your account is created you will be given a username and password. Upon successful login to your account you can then submit your returns online. This really requires too much knowledge of taxation and their laws so again if you are not aware of it do not ever try to use this method. This is just for guidance purpose mentioned in my answer to your question.

  • Hire some professionals:
This is the easiest way to submit your tax returns by hiring some professional tax adviser available in Pakistan. You will find them in your nearest courts or even online as well. This method is marked easiest because you will need just to provide your financial information and the rest of the work will be processed by your tax adviser. Most of the Chartered Accountant firms provide you these services but I assume their charges might be too much high.
You can submit your Income Tax Returns in very low cost by finding someone who could provide you the services of Income Tax Filing online in Pakistan. I personally file my tax returns via Zoya Zafar who is a Tax Executive and charge a very nominal and low fees for filing Income Tax Returns online in Pakistan.
I hope your question is answered thoroughly but if you still any further help regarding taxation in Pakistan you can further ask your question from Zoya Zafar, a Tax Executive in Pakistan.

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  1. I also want to be the tax filer in Pakistan. N want to submit my all to dues before the due date which had been announced by the PM IK that is 30th June 2019. But unfortunately I can't find some one who can help me out at minimal rate

    1. One of the Tax Consultant's email address is already mentioned in the post, you're requested to drop an email, and they will provide you their best in lowest possible price. Kindly mentioned our website in reference.