How to Apply for a Job listed on our Facebook Page?

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that we do not provide any jobs anywhere in Pakistan. So kindly stop reaching us directly for getting any job. Lets move on then;
We share the Jobs daily with you people which are taken from newspapers. These Jobs are announced by different companies and institutes in Pakistan daily in newspapers. We just share those announcements with you people, so kindly use to apply to those companies and institutes via proper channel.

If you have come here from a link shared with you in response to your application for a Job posted on our facebook page, then kindly go to Jobs in Pakistan, Find your respective Job, read the details and apply via proper channel. But kindly read this article further because it explain the proper way to apply for a post which you have seen on facebook, an example of which is;
This is just an example of the Job Posts which you might have seen our Facebook Page. You will be able to find some details in description which are;
  1. Posts which are advertised
  2. Link for Apply and Details
You will also be able to see the Location of Job inside the post. So if you find any Job Post on our page in future, then kindly Do not apply on Facebook with Apply Now button because most of the time the application are not detected and we do not process your application for any job post on your behalf.
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So I am hereby requesting you people if you ever seen post like the above given in example then follow the following procedure to apply;
  1. Read about the vacancies announced.
  2. Find out the location of the Job available.
  3. If you feel, that job advertisement was posted for you, then visit the link “Details and Apply” and apply for your concerned job via proper channel.
I hope these information will help you much more for getting a good job, We hereby wish you a very Good Luck to get the best Job with your skills. If you have not created your CV till now you may be interested in reading; How to create a Professional CV online in PakistanThanks for your time for reading this article. If you have any question you can ask in the comments below. For getting latest updates on Jobs please don’t forget to like our Facebook Page.

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